When For-Profit Connections Don't Measure Up

How much content marketing is “enough” to be considered a success?

How many people do you need to connect with for your content marketing efforts to feel worth it to you ...10 - 100 - 100,000? How many people can you safely and effectively work with to cover your expenses, make a profit, and provide benefit? Are you trying to reach the masses because you think that’s expected of you? Is amassing followers, fans, and subscribers the endgame for you? Are your content marketing efforts strictly for revenue growth?

Increasing your audience and subscriber list means nothing if you’re not delivering in a way that best serves your tribe - your core circle of influence and loyal clients.

If you’re able to genuinely connect with only a handful of people to provide quality work, networking, and a sense of community, shouldn’t that be enough? #AskingForAFriend

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