5 Key Components of Blogging

A great blog starts long before you choose your WordPress theme.

Are you a new WordPress blogger unsure of where to begin in your blogging journey? There are lots of elements that contribute to blogging success, namely choosing a well-designed blog theme, adding plugins to broaden functionality, and ensuring that your blog navigation is clear and concise are just a few. However, there are other essential components that you must have in place before investing your time and resources to create your blog.

Before diving into the art of blogging, you should have a clear understanding of 5 key components - you have to decide why you’re writing; what purpose your blog serves, who you're writing to, how you’ll address them, and in what format you intend to write your posts.

Here are the first 4 key blog post components:  

  1. What is your “why” or purpose for writing and sharing? Please consider, what your reader wants versus what you want them to have. Ask yourself, how does what I’m sharing benefit my reader?

  1. Who is your audience? Who are you talking to? It’s a lofty goal to attempt to be all things to everyone. Determine who your audience is, be specific.

  2. How will you address your audience, what is your tone? Your tone isn’t only your voice but also how you intend to present yourself to your audience.

  3. What are you sharing? What form will your content take?

For example:

  1. Why - Purpose:

    • Teach - offer personal wisdom or life lesson

    • Inspire or motivate - encourage personal or professional growth  

    • Inform or announce - an industry highlight or new business concept

    • Offer some humor - just for fun stories or personal experience

  2. Who - Audience:

    • Women

    • Ladies in wellness industry, empty nesters, first-time moms

    • Ages: 35-55

  3. How - Tone: formal versus casual (e.g., casual tone is conversational - talking with someone versus talking at them), using bright and cheery colors and graphics or a muted pastel palette.

  4. What - Types of Content:

    • Personal essay (typically +1200 words)

    • Standard post (400-500 words)

    • Product review or /recommendation

    • 3-5 minute podcast or video post

Once you’ve outlined your 4 key blogging components as highlighted above you’ll have the basis for writing your About page; this goes a long way in ensuring that your audience understands who you are and what your intentions are for your blog.

The fifth key to blogging success is creating a plan and schedule for when you will share content with your audience. A well-constructed and executed blog calendar will go a long way in helping you to stay organized with several weeks or months of blog ideas so that you won’t find yourself chasing what to write and when. We’ll dive into the art of creating an epic content plan in an upcoming post. Stay tuned.

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