How would you answer the question, “So, what are you up to these days?”

Does your website tell people what they really want to know about you? An About page is so yesterday, what you need is a better way to show what you’re doing with your time and focus.

Typically, an “About” page is used as a bio or Artist Statement with a list of credentials or summary of services and product offerings. Rarely have I encountered an About page that gives readers actual up to date info about what the person behind the scenes is currently up to.

A /now page — new tech or productivity app?

What might appear to be a scant About page is actually much more than that.

Mind you, I don’t always keep up with all the gizmos these smart kids today are into, but when I do I want to know what they’re talking about. You know, for those coffee shop convos that I’m never going to have because I don’t hang out in coffee shops.

Okay, fine, I wanted to learn if and how a Now page was something that could help me attract more readers to my blog.

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